How to Register on DealerSahab?

How to Register on DealerSahab?


DealerSahab is a b2b business platform designed and developed for business marketing, branding, and lead generation. The business registration process is as simple as anyone can do this by providing the required information. Registration can be completed by following three steps.

  1. Signup
  2. Business Registration
  3. Product Listing

1. Signup

Signup is the first step out of three. You have to provide the basic information required for account creation on DealerSahab.

  • Your Name
  • User Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email ID
  • Password

After Signup, a verification link will be sent to your registered email. You have to check the mail and click the link for verification. If the link is not seen in your mail, please check your spam folder as well.

2. Business Registration

Business registration is divided into three sections. You have to provide relevant business information in each section and finally submit it.

  • Business Detail
  • SEO Setting
  • Social Media Link

Business Detail

In the first section, you have to provide the business detail. to make your business profile more attractive, try to provide all details listed here. Your business information helps to build trust among your customer and hence maximum engagement.

  • Company/Business Name
  • Slug Name
  • Owner Name/CEO/Founder
  • Establishment Year
  • GST No.
  • Address
  • Brand Name
  • Products Name Your Deal
  • Contact Number
  • Company Brochure
  • About Company
  • Company Email
  • Your Website Link
  • Business description
  • Area of market/ business

GST No is mandatory for any business registration on DealerSahab.

SEO Setting

SEO or search engine optimization is a Digital Marketing tactic helping in business profile ranking. To list your business profile in Google and attract maximum visitors, you have to upload the information required in the SEO setting.

  • Business Title
  • Meta Description
  • Business Keywords

Social Media Page Link

Social Media Page links help you to connect with more people on your company page. Make sure your business presence is on social media and add the page link in your DealerSahab business profile. The following social media pages you can link to your business profile.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

3. Product Listing

After submission of the Company detail, you will land on the product listing page. On the product listing page, you have to list your product by providing product details.

  • Product Name
  • Product Keyword
  • Product Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Description
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Product Order Link

If you want to edit any information upload, you have to just click on the edit button. You can now edit any information on this page.