Best B2B Marketplace To Buy/Sell Products Online In India

Best B2B Marketplace To Buy/Sell Products Online In India

These days, B2B marketplaces have essentially revolutionized the way entrepreneurs or enterprises handle their businesses. In fact, businesses belonging to different categories all over the world are making a move from traditional mediums of marketing and switching to exploring various B2B marketplaces. This way, they have a chance to meet prospective clients all over the world or in a particular country and make a connection with other business units. Such marketplaces can place a direct impact on the productivity of a company whether it is a buyer or a seller. 

Its benefits are not limited to enhanced revenue growth, cost savings, and better business branding online. There is much more to explore while using B2B marketplaces, especially in India. B2B eCommerce market is mushrooming at a fast rate in India. By the next year, this industry will have a value of 45 lakh crore INR. Some Business to business online portals have established their identity and reputation in the market, but some have still entered the market with the potential of growing. These portals deal in different product/service categories including 

  • Electronics,
  • Auto and transportation,
  • Jewelry, bags, and shoes,
  • Gifts, sports, and toys,
  • Apparel, textiles, and accessories,
  • Home, lights, and construction,
  • Agriculture and Food,
  • Health and beauty, etc.

Here is a list of some popular B2B marketplaces that help buyers, suppliers, local businesses, distributors, dealers, franchises, sellers, wholesalers, startups, Exporters India, and much more. Have a glance at them: 


Being a reliable B2B place in India, it has obtained a higher rank in the market that has assisted importers, buyers, product manufacturers, entrepreneurs, sellers, web development, hotels, social media marketing, web development, digital marketing companies, and a lot more. It was launched in 1996 by a founder named Dinesh Aggarwal. Its monthly visitors including buyers and sellers have reached 10 million. 

One can list their businesses on this platform, which are related to B2B, C2C, or B2C. It has a feature known as ‘buy leads’ that is a kind of service to help people in finding genuine buyers. When it comes to sellers, they can create a website free of cost to post and advertise their products without any charges. 


Another trusted business directory portal is DealerSahab, which has proven effective for many buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers. It can assist different businesses to get promoted and get a unique identity as a brand in the market and then gather leads to enhance their market. They list worthy businesses from different cities in India and connect them with buyers, delivering a platform to promote the business brand, as well as, product booking. As a buyer, you can make deals after going through comments, business ratings, and a number of profile views of available business profiles. 

They have different marketing strategies and methods to help their users in developing their business and market all over India. No matter whether you are a retailer, dealer, franchisee, industrialist, shopkeeper, professional, or belongings to some associations like hospitals, NGOs, and educational centers, it is the best platform to go for. 


Not only in India, but even this B2b marketplace has also reached its connections worldwide when it comes to trading products and businesses online. Using this best b2b portal in India can help one in selling or buying a variety of goods and services from authentic and registered sellers all over the globe. Genuinely, it is a place that one can trust to have b2b leads, as well as, sales. They have strong connections with millions of registered manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, and traders who can discover many interesting and beneficial leads in a simple and effective manner. 

It also provides with a variety of tools to its users, supporting them in making the right decision for the best suppliers and products. In order to search for the right supplier on Alibaba, one can hire a freelance professional who is diligent in market research. 


Another award-winning portal to place advertising of different types of products and services in India and to buy or sell them in TradeIndia. This online portal for b2b businesses is run and owned by Infocom Network Limited Company in 1996. At this platform, one can explore more than 1500 categories & sub-categories of a wide range of products. After getting prestigious awards, they have even tried to make their services better for Indian both large or small business and international businesses. 

They mainly aim to promote exhibitions, trade events, and trade shows all over India.  One of the most popular trade events is Auto Expo held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. It is a huge base for exporters and manufacturers. Step ahead to register with it. 

Amazon Business 

This US-based eCommerce platform has made its presence in the B2b industry in 2015. The main idea is to meet the demands of customers who own numerous types of businesses and want to supply several products. If you want to have effortless ‘Amazon buying experience, then it is the right time to sign up with it. To sell on this platform, the first step is to register with them to become a regular seller. Most of them sellers belong to B2C, they can join the b2b program, in which they can have a chance to sell services/products to Amazon verified business clients. There is no need to have additional documents when you are willing to become a business-to-business seller. 

This web portal for b2b marketing services permits you to get auto-generated business compliant invoices, allowing business customers for claiming GST credit. 

Final Verdict 

To conclude, B2b marketplaces have a huge variety of benefits to offer for clients, who can export, import, sell, buy, trade, or distribute,  which may involve faster delivery, competitive prices, low commission rates, secure payment process, professional customer support service, buying or selling assistance, or legal credit facility. It can also be proven a great platform for investors as well, who are keen on investing or buying in startups. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are going to start up a new business that includes exporting, trading, buying or selling, or anything else, just step ahead to opt for any of these B2b marketplaces.