Frequently Ask Questions

Why DealerSahab?

Competition is very high in the market. To make your own identity and presence in the market you have to highlight your product quality its features and other services in the market to attract customers. DealerSahab is the best choice for your business to showcase your products and services To prevent the fraud cases repeatedly seen in the market we are making a trusted platform for customers to choose the best one. To kick start your business and startups DealerSahab is the best choice to launch your product and services in the online market at optimum price.

Why your business should be registered on DealerSahab?

Online presence of every business and startups is the need of time. If you are really passionate about your business to scale in the market, you should have a business profile on DealerSahab.com. DealerSahab will not only give an online exposure for your business but also helps to get leads from the market. To be Identified as trusted business, it is recommended to register on DealerSahab, since DealerSahab have such feature and tools which helps in filtering fraud business, since fraud business don’t want to open their business detail.

How DealerSahab is helpful to manufacturer?

Online Profile of Manufacturers on DealerSahab helps customers to know about your business, product, and services. If any need of your product they will directly contact you through your business profile. They can know your complete detail and contact if there is any need. We are making a marketplace where customers will visit repeatedly for purchase. The manufacturer can have their online presence in the market launch their new products and build their business network

How DealerSahab is helpful to Wholesaler/Trader?

We are listing businesses district/City wise. To search out any suppliers in the city will show your business profile. Based on no of views, and profile rating customers will contact you

How DealerSahab is helpful to Dealer?

We are filtering every dealer in their respective district/city in their respective businesses and creating their online business profile. Customers will visit their business profile and they will make deal with the most suited profile to be safe from fraud.

How DealerSahab is helpful to Startups?

If you are a startup and launching your product /services in the market, creating your business profile on DealerSahab not only highlights your products and their features but also helps to get leads from the market. Startups can create their business profile to promote in the market. They can launch their new products and show their specification and feature a collect orders services detail from different city and zones.

How DealerSahab is helpful to Customers?

We are listing and filtering only genuine and trusted Manufacturers and suppliers. So customers have choices of suppliers. They can visit suppliers’ business profile, check their business and services detail. And if suits they can make a deal. If there is any fraud case occurs we will take sudden action against the listed profile. Means customers will make a safe deal with suppliers

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